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As the only natural mineral water sourced in the US, we carry a responsibility to deliver the best tasting water to all of our consumers.

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    Our Story

    From a centuries old aquifer, nature has provided the bounty. We simply deliver that bounty to you.

    Our mission is to help everyone improve their lives through natural hydration. Proper hydration goes so much further than “water” – water is the vehicle, pH and minerals/nutrients are the key to improved hydration through the Bio-Availability of our naturally occurring minerals, nutrients and electrolytes.

    Water Sommelier Union Certified and Approved Badge for Superior Natural Mineral Water

    The Water

    Superior Natural Mineral Water has been certified and approved by the Water Sommelier Union for Appearance, Scent and Taste. Nature did the work, we packaged perfection, you get the reward.


    What if there was a company that talked the talk and walked the talk? What if every step taken was one step closer to being the best steward of precious natural resources? Introducing Superior Natural Mineral Water. We are the only US sourced and bottled natural mineral water where our water comes from a Lake Superior Aquifer. We are built on one basic principle – leave this world as good, if not better, than when we started.

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    While states - like Michigan - are the most responsible for managing groundwater and aquifers (which is why we work so hard with the City

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