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You only get one life – why not make it Superior?

Superior Natural Mineral Water has been certified by the Water Sommelier Union for appearance, aroma and taste. Additionally, we have worked with multiple sources to develop a comprehensive Pairing Chart. Our mineral water pairs well with other beverages and, more importantly, with certain types of food. Our water will work well with lighter proteins, such as chicken or fish, and with dishes that tend towards the acidic as well. Our pH level of ~7.9 provides a nice foil for those dishes.

Water Sommelier Union Certificate & Sensory Report

Water Sommelier Certificate of Sensory Description Image

The benefits of the minerals and compounds in our water enhance foods similar to wines.

The body is a finely tuned machine (or can be) and proper hydration, combined with stress management and nutrition will help the machine perform at its peak.

Superior Natural Mineral Water has been certified and approved by the Water Sommelier Union for Appearance, Scent and Taste. Nature did the work, we packaged perfection, you get the reward.

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