You only get one life – why not make it Superior?

Superior Mineral Water is about more than hydration. Our mission is to share the story about the benefits offered by natural mineral water, bottled in its authentic state, from our exclusive source… a Northern Lake Superior Aquifer.

Superior Natural Mineral Water is unique in that it is unusually high in its natural mineral content and it is sourced from the naturally pristine Northern Lake Superior Aquifer. Superior Natural Mineral Water is the ideal choice for the discerning consumer who understands and seeks the benefits of bioavailable minerals and natural hydration. It is an authentic natural mineral water source produced in the USA.

We understand that it is a privilege and a responsibility to be surrounded by the renowned Ottawa National Forest. We take our environmental responsibility to heart. It is part of our mission to support the Ottawa National Forest and to maintain this water and land in its pristine state and to provide our loyal customers with the highest quality natural mineral water.

Established in 2016, our state-of-the-art facility is built to FDA security requirements. We are the first bottling facility within the Lake Superior aquifer and a true natural mineral water sourced and bottled within the U.S.

Superior Natural Mineral Water Is A Way Of Life

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