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You only get one life – why not make it Superior?

Superior Mineral Water is about more than hydration. Our mission is to share the story about the benefits offered by natural mineral water, bottled in its authentic state, from our exclusive source… a Northern Lake Superior Aquifer.

Superior Natural Mineral Water is unique in that it is unusually high in its natural mineral content and it is sourced from the naturally pristine Northern Lake Superior Aquifer. Superior Natural Mineral Water is the ideal choice for the discerning consumer who understands and seeks the benefits of bioavailable minerals and natural hydration. It is an authentic natural mineral water source produced in the USA.

We understand that it is a privilege and a responsibility to be surrounded by the renowned Ottawa National Forest. We take our environmental responsibility to heart. It is part of our mission to support the Ottawa National Forest and to maintain this water and land in its pristine state and to provide our loyal customers with the highest quality natural mineral water.

Established in 2016, our state-of-the-art facility is built to FDA security requirements. We are the first bottling facility within the Lake Superior aquifer and a true natural mineral water sourced and bottled within the U.S.

Superior Natural Mineral Water Is A Way Of Life

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    You Only Get One Life…Make It Superior!

    We’re dedicated to help you achieve Superior Balance throughout the aspects of your life. Find more info…

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    "I discovered your water in Duluth, MN while on a little road trip, I really enjoyed it. When I got back to Whitefish Bay, WI (home) I was happy to see my local grocery store (Sendik’s) selling it. I purchased a couple cases. Keep that water coming! I love it!"

    L. Luehne

    Plagued by leg cramps

    As a swimmer leg cramps have plagued me in and out of the pool. Especially at night. I have tried staying hydrated, taking mineral supplements and applying magnesium lotions and potions. Nothing has helped until I was introduced to Superior Natural Mineral Water. After drinking one bottle I did not experience any leg cramps that night for the first time in recent memory. When I am consistent in drinking the water  my nights are finally peaceful. I am now able to participate in a full workout in the pool cramp free. Thank you Superior Natural Mineral Water for helping make cramps a thing of the past!

    Diane E.

    Helping Patients

    Helping patients with muscle cramps and restless legs has been challenging as treatment options are scarce. I have had much success helping these patients with Superior Natural Mineral Water.  It's a great relief to be able to recommend a safe, natural product to my patients.

    Josh W.
    Director of Pharmacy

    Acid Reflux

    I decided to try the 2 week challenge based on what I heard in the education session regarding the water’s effects on heartburn.  Within 5 days, I found I didn’t need TUMS at night any longer and I wasn’t experiencing heartburn.

    Pat M.

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