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    Superior Natural Mineral Water Product Sheet


    "I discovered your water in Duluth, MN while on a little road trip, I really enjoyed it. When I got back to Whitefish Bay, WI (home) I was happy to see my local grocery store (Sendik’s) selling it. I purchased a couple cases. Keep that water coming! I love it!"

    L. Luehne

    Plagued by leg cramps

    As a swimmer leg cramps have plagued me in and out of the pool. Especially at night. I have tried staying hydrated, taking mineral supplements and applying magnesium lotions and potions. Nothing has helped until I was introduced to Superior Natural Mineral Water. After drinking one bottle I did not experience any leg cramps that night for the first time in recent memory. When I am consistent in drinking the water  my nights are finally peaceful. I am now able to participate in a full workout in the pool cramp free. Thank you Superior Natural Mineral Water for helping make cramps a thing of the past!

    Diane E.

    Helping Patients

    Helping patients with muscle cramps and restless legs has been challenging as treatment options are scarce. I have had much success helping these patients with Superior Natural Mineral Water.  It's a great relief to be able to recommend a safe, natural product to my patients.

    Josh W.
    Director of Pharmacy

    Acid Reflux

    I decided to try the 2 week challenge based on what I heard in the education session regarding the water’s effects on heartburn.  Within 5 days, I found I didn’t need TUMS at night any longer and I wasn’t experiencing heartburn.

    Pat M.