Your Guide to Superior Pairing

Throughout October, we will explore each Superior aspect, Eating, Performance – Physical and Mental, Living, and Sustainability. Let’s explore Superior Eating and how natural mineral water pairs with food. Are you ready to Become Superior?

Superior Eating & Clean Eating

Clean eating follows a philosophy that “Food is Fuel,” and everyone benefits from a well-balanced, clean eating meal plan that offers many unique eating experiences. From flavors to textures to different types of ethnic spices, dishes and eating styles, many diners are exploring flavors they have never experienced. Enter Superior Natural Mineral Water and our Superior Eating aspect.

Just as in clean eating, the ‘whole’ food is key to success, a truly ‘whole’ and natural mineral water is also key to the benefits the water holds for you. The quality of Superior Natural Mineral Water and the quantity of minerals it contains makes the flavor profile of our water unique as shown in the Water Sommelier sensory description. This uniqueness enhances your food pairing and leads you to find that next great flavor combination. From appetizers to pasta dishes and main courses and even continuing into dessert, mineral water is becoming the newest pairing sensation on the US coasts. Natural mineral water has been a longtime staple of Superior Eating in Europe.  In the Midwest, we are beginning to see more people requesting bottled water service when they dine out and many are bringing this home for family and weekend gatherings with friends are being transformed into food and beverage extravaganzas.

What Do You Eat with Mineral Water?

Mineral Water Pairing

It is common in the US to pair wine with food and to find a wine sommelier to help pair your meal with the right wines. Did you know that there is an emerging market for water sommelier’s? These experts can help you pair the right mineral water with the right foods. You may find choices to make from appetizers to desserts that involve sparkling and still waters. To make mineral water pairing easier, you can download our Superior Natural Mineral Water Pairing Guide – designed to help you learn the ropes as you find your best pairings.

We have also shared a Superior Pairing video blog.

So, how can you embrace a clean and Superior Eating practice? Explore, experiment and challenge your taste buds to something new every week. You can research and determine the best quality mineral water to enjoy with different types of dishes. We urge you to not get stuck in a single way but to experiment with different foods until you land on what is right for you.

How Is Mineral Water Best Served?

We encourage you to begin offering different types of mineral water for your family and guests.

Generally, water sommeliers recommend mineral water be stored in dark and cool places, such as wine cellars, at around 53-55 degrees F (12-13 degrees C), that is also the perfect serving temperature for most still mineral waters. We also recommend that water be stored away from sunlight or toxic substances.

More and more people are going alcohol free when they dine out so you can help them have a Superior Experience while supporting their choice to avoid the alcohol.

What Are Benefits of Natural Mineral Water?

You should be aware of the benefits of naturally occurring minerals in water. The body more readily absorbs naturally occurring minerals over those that are “added for flavor” to multiple different waters on the market. Our belief is that a ‘whole’ natural mineral water is Superior due to the natural state it is in when sourced and bottled. Our Superior Natural Mineral Water Benefits Chart helps you learn more about each element and the benefits they bring to you.

Coming Next

We believe there are four critical aspects to living a Superior Life and we will cover each of these this month:

  • Performance – Superior Natural Mineral Water can help you outperform no matter your chosen field of endeavor
  • Eating – Superior Natural Mineral Water can enhance every meal you eat or prepare for your guests
  • Living – Superior Natural Mineral Water can enhance an overall balanced lifestyle through nutrition and creating a healthy mind/body connection
  • Sustainability – Superior Natural Mineral Water is committed to being part of an overall sustainable future which is why we work so hard to be good stewards of our aquifer

Image of 20 oz bottle of Superior Natural Mineral Water in splash of water.If your goal is to have the best total experience and help your body reach its most optimal state then Superior Natural Mineral Water is for you.

You only get one life…make it Superior!