As we begin to expand our marketing efforts and our market presence (we are now available in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Texas and soon to be across the central Midwest), we have launched our “Aspects” – essentially our “Why”. We see four critical aspects to living a Superior Life:

  • Performance – Superior Natural Mineral Water can help you outperform no matter your chosen field of endeavor
  • Eating – Superior Natural Mineral Water can enhance every meal you eat or prepare for your guests
  • Living – Superior Natural Mineral Water can enhance an overall balanced lifestyle through nutrition and creating a healthy mind/body connection
  • Sustainability – Superior Natural Mineral Water is committed to being part of an overall sustainable future which is why we work so hard to be good stewards of our aquifer

In this series of five blog posts, we will explore each Aspect (we examine two areas of Performance – Physical and Mental – as both are critical to achieving Superior Performance). Are you ready to Become Superior?

Superior Mental Performance

Focus, critical thinking, problem solving and the ability to create new ideas…

These are all part of what makes it possible for us “Athletes of the Mind” to achieve at a Superior Level. Most folks think of Superior Performance as being an athletic or fitness thing – and while that is certainly the case, our mental game needs to be sharp in our ever-changing world. With the pace of change increasing (and with things like COVID as an accelerator) it is the prepared and fit mind that can win the day. Are you prepared to be the problem-solver of the future? Then Superior Natural Mineral Water may be for you.

At SNMW, we started with focusing on fitness (our Superior Performance and Superior Living Aspects both focus a lot of attention there) and are evolving to help executives and change agents stay sharper. Our naturally occurring minerals not only help with physical attributes but also can help with mental acuity – hydration impacts both and the mental fatigue of someone who is dehydrated is often overlooked. Remember – dehydration is not just about fluid but about the minerals lost with the fluid that is lost through both perspiration and respiration (did you know that about 20% of your fluid loss is through breathing? If you are conversing with your team, that number can go up even higher). A couple of things that may be useful for you as you seek a performance edge with your mental game:

image showing behavior gap illustration

Check out our Mineral Benefit Chart for details on how our naturally occurring minerals (natural minerals enhance Bio-Availability – the ability of the body to absorb the minerals for instant benefit).

You can also download our Performance Planning Guide – this can help you plan your career, your sales strategy or simply how to execute the projects you currently have on your plate. Athlete of the Mind indeed – that is the way to achieve Superior Performance!

Download here

Image of 20 oz bottle of Superior Natural Mineral Water in splash of water.

If you are interested in more ways you can Become Superior, check out our YouTube Channel – we have a variety of videos and video blogs that can help you find your own pathway to Superior Performance. Also, you can check out other pages on our web site for even more tools and ideas to help you Become Superior.


You only get one life…make it Superior!