One of the challenges with being a new all-natural mineral water (and being the only natural mineral water sourced and bottled in the United States) makes superior Natural Mineral Water somewhat unique and different. The challenge can be when expectations for products in your competitive space are so low and the acceptable level of quality is so low as well.

In the United States, the expectation for clean, refreshing water coming out of the many taps in your home (as a kid, we used to willingly and excitedly drink from the garden hose – imagine the yuck factor that would induce in many kids and parents today) creates another level of competition; one that is often seen as virtually free.

This makes selling a higher quality product more difficult – and more challenging from a pricing perspective. We get asked every day if we can lower our price – and not just by a little. Buyers have gotten used to being able to buy a case of 24-half-liter bottles for around $2.00 – but that is for bottles that are essentially filled from someone’s tap. Add to this that the romance around “reverse osmosis” still exists (reverse osmosis removes all of the minerals and electrolytes – as well as impurities – but this also removes the flavor and benefits of drinking mineral water) but more and more people are recognizing that “regular” purified water does not do their body as much good as other beverages.

Some of these other beverages – sports drinks, energy drink, enhanced water, etc. – offer both positives and negatives. As an example, the sugars added to sports and energy drinks are often viewed as negative additions to those who want a clean beverage. Enhanced waters can’t offer the bio-availability that a natural mineral water can (minerals that are added back are not readily absorbed – and are flushed quickly from the system) and often note that mineral are added to enhance flavor rather than to offer any true benefit for the drinker beyond the basic intake of water.

The water culture around the world continues to expand – with Water Sommeliers and experts sharing their depth of knowledge with a more and more curious population (to see a parody of this, check out the Penn & Teller video clip here). There are a lot of folks who want to find something better – but the lure of “cheap” often gets in the way. Also, there has been a lot of hype around certain aspects of water (minerals, source, imported, etc.) that just don’t hold, well, water.

If you truly want to try something better – and very different from traditional bottled water – then perhaps Superior Natural Mineral Water is for you. We can prove our claims (check out our Mineral Benefit Chart here) and you can begin to do your own taste comparisons where it matters – at the dinner tables – but use our Water Pairing Chart that we have created for those curious about how to enhance their meals and achieve Superior Eating. We also have created a variety of tools that figuratively “put our money where our mouth is” to show you have to Live Superior through any of our aspects:

  • Superior Performance
  • Superior Living
  • Superior Eating
  • Superior Sustainability

Image of different vehicles

Image of 20 oz bottle of Superior Natural Mineral Water in splash of water.

Don’t settle for the cheapest – you deserve to have the best. We define the best as being the following:

  • Mineral Water – better for you than other more traditional options without the unnecessary additives of other functional beverages
  • Natural – we draw from a protected Lake Superior Aquifer and work with all of the governing agencies to make sure we achieve Superior Sustainability through our actions to protect and respect that aquifer
  • Bottled and Sourced in the USA – not only do we reduce the carbon footprint (do you know the challenges with shipping water via ocean freight???) but we create good jobs in a remote part of our wonderful country
  • Superior – whether in terms of Performance, Living or Eating, you can always choose to Be Superior even if it is in small ways.


You only get one life…make it Superior!