We have all been there – exercise, hard work or just a lot of movement can work up a good thirst. We often reach for water (tap or regular bottled water) or perhaps even an adult beverage (a cold beer after cutting the grass on a hot day was pretty enjoyable when I was younger) to quench our thirst after a workout.

Did you know that thirst is just a symptom of your bodies need for both water and minerals (Electrolytes are term used to encompass minerals typically lost from the body through sweat during strenuous work or exercise) to be replaced after you are done with your activity. These minerals – mainly sodium, magnesium and potassium – are critical for the body to recover and for your muscles to reactivate after being strained. Additionally, mental acuity can be impacted by fluid loss as well as mineral loss.

One of the biggest challenges physical activity creates is that your body begins to react to loss of these minerals (and fluids) before your neurological system sends out the “I am thirsty” call. That is why proper hydration occurs with multiple steps:

  • First, make sure you pre-load your system with about 16 oz. of water (preferably natural mineral water to load up on the important nutrients you will lose during strenuous activity). This should be consumed roughly 30 minutes prior to beginning
  • Second, drink regularly during the workout. You should plan on four to five ounces of water for every 15 minutes of exercise – just to replace what has been lost.
  • Third, you should drink another 16-20 ounces of fluids after your workout. To be precise, you can weigh yourself before you work out and after – and drink 20 ounces of fluids for every pound of water weight you lose.
  • Fourth, and perhaps most important, make sure your beverage choice includes naturally occurring electrolytes. These are most likely to be absorbed by your body aiding in your recovery – we use the term Bio-Availability to identify naturally occurring electrolytes to those that are added into a beverage to enhance flavor. This type of electrolyte is not always readily absorbed by the bode and you may be giving yourself a false sense of security on how well you are helping your body recover.

There are plenty of good products you can try to help with this. We, of course, recommend Superior Natural Mineral Water. We do this for three simple reasons:

  1. Our water is chock full of natural electrolytes and we have a great pH level as well. This gives our water a somewhat unique flavor and mouth feel plus it helps your body recover more quickly than most tap waters and almost all traditional bottled waters. We will share in the future the challenges created by water processed using a reverse-osmosis process to remove minerals
  2. Superior Waters is bottled in the USA – the only all natural mineral water bottled here in the US. Plus, our product comes from a Lake Superior aquifer – meaning you benefit from nature’s own filtering process that adds all of those beneficial minerals
  3. A three bottle a day regimen of Superior Natural Mineral Water can help you get your body operating like a finely tuned machine – and give you all of the balance between quenching your thirst and hydrating your body that you will need

Check out our web site for how Superior Natural Mineral Water can help you set up a performance regimen that will make you the envy of your opponent – no matter what sport or activity you want to pursue. Download the materials and get started on your very own Superior Performance pathway.

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