As we begin to expand our marketing efforts and our market presence (we are now available in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Texas and soon to be across the central Midwest), we have launched our “Aspects” – essentially our “Why”. We see four critical aspects to living a Superior Life:

  • Performance – Superior Natural Mineral Water can help you outperform no matter your chosen field of endeavor
  • Eating – Superior Natural Mineral Water can enhance every meal you eat or prepare for your guests
  • Living – Superior Natural Mineral Water can enhance an overall balanced lifestyle through nutrition and creating a healthy mind/body connection
  • Sustainability – Superior Natural Mineral Water is committed to being part of an overall sustainable future which is why we work so hard to be good stewards of our aquifer

In this series of five blog posts, we will explore each Aspect (we examine two areas of Performance – Physical and Mental – as both are critical to achieving Superior Performance). Are you ready to Become Superior?

Superior Living


If we have learned anything over the past 18 months is that life is about so much more than our jobs, the latest fashion or the daily nonsense we get to put up with. We have talked to so many people who are refocusing their energy on getting, and staying, in Balance. Now, you might ask yourself how can a natural mineral water help me get back into balance? Well, it is really quite simple – what your body needs is a continuous supply of the right nutrients to achieve the best overall balance.

Image of 20 oz bottle of Superior Natural Mineral Water in splash of water.

Finally, we also think you should be aware of the benefits of naturally occurring minerals in water. The body more readily absorbs naturally occurring minerals over those that are “added for flavor” to multiple different waters on the market. This does not make these beverages bad – but it does mean they are not Superior!

Superior Natural Mineral Water, with our 740+ parts per million of total dissolved solids is one of the best ways to hydrate – keeping both fluid you have lost and nutrients that are used up through the activity of living – and hydration is the foundation of staying in balance.

Interested in what minerals SNMW contains? Check out our Mineral Benefit Chart


As part of our “why”, we offer a variety of tools to help you get started on your road to Superior Living. One of these is our Balance Wheel and the instructions about how to know when you are or are not in balance. We built this to not only have some fun but to also identify what is important for you and help our fans chart their own course to living a Superior Life.

Check out our Balance Wheel


We also provide a guide to determine where you are at here


You may also be interested in our Video Blog series where we explore all sorts of ideas around Being Superior – you can check it out here: Video Blog


So, if living your best life possible is something you desire to pursue, perhaps you are the type of person who can benefit from drinking one of the best natural mineral waters available.

You only get one life…make it Superior!