We have all been there – we finish up a task our a game outside when it is warm and that first cold beverage tastes soooo good. Add to that the common norms around water consumption and the confusing aspect we put on different temperature beverages (all based on expectations:

  • If room temperature water is considered “warm” then…
  • Is room temperature coffee really cold?

There is a science to all of this driven by three things:

  • Core temperature during exercise (cooling down prior to getting on your bike has a beneficial impact on hydration)
  • Water consumer prior to working out – this primes the body to produce sufficient sweat to cool down without creating a serious dehydration issue
  • Water temperature post-workout and the body’s ability to absorb fluids combined with the temperature of the water being at a “refreshing” level – which impacts intake quantity

As it turns out (at least according to the UConn study below and a related Harvard study that was WAY technical), really cold beverages and really warm beverages (think coffee or tea hot) limit your intake post workout and are then not available to help replenish or enhance your ability to sweat.

Cool (think tap temperature in your home) or room temperature water seem to have the highest benefit both from an availability and impact perspective and from a quantity consumer perspective. So, just like fine wine, we recommend you find the best temperature for you and offer these guidelines as thought starters:

  • Always drink mineral water post-workout. The Electrolytes (or necessary minerals for your body if you prefer) will help with overall recovery. We recommend Superior Natural Mineral Water for this (probably not a shock!!)
  • If you are working out for 30-60 minutes, set up your post-workout consumption in the following way:
    • If you like cool/tap water temperature, refrigerate your mineral water and take it out of refrigeration prior to starting your workout. This will provide you your preferred temperature. Did you know that some experts find this the best way to enjoy white wine? Refrigerators are at 37 degrees (F) and an hour out brings them to ~50 degrees
    • If you prefer room temperature post-workout water, then keep your mineral water at room temperature and put it in the refrigerator prior to starting your workout. This will put a slight chill on your beverage and probably increase your enjoyment of that first drink. Did you know that some experts find this the best way to enjoy red wine? You will get your wine to ~60-65 degrees and enjoy the “open” as the wine warms – enhancing the complexity and change in flavors as your wine opens up
  • Spend 30-minutes pre-workout resting and drinking water. This helps drop your core temp and prepare your hydration system for activity

Either way, make sure you include Superior Natural Mineral Water in your fitness or lifestyle regimen – your body will appreciate the extra care and your post-workout recovery will be quicker and more enjoyable!

infographic of the signs and symptoms of heat stress. please feel free to share.