When I was young, one of the “big words” everyone tried to stump people with (especially spelling) was Antidisestablishmentarianism. This $4.50 word refers to the connection or disconnection of church and state – especially in 19th Century Britain. While I did learn to spell the word, I was always a bit confused as to what this word actually meant – was it for or against keeping the Church of England a state sponsored entity or not…I still am not sure!

For me and for the team at Superior Natural Mineral Water we want to clear up any confusion around the word electrolyte. This word has been added to the vernacular over the years to represent a good thing in the sports, exercise and performance space. Apparently, your body loses these when you work out and you can only gain them by drinking specialized beverages that have these wonderful things included (or, more likely, added) to help you with your loss.

So, without further ado, we will reveal the stunning truth behind the word…

Electrolytes are minerals


Okay, that was anticlimactic (another cool word – it means disappointingly mundane after all). The cool part about them is that these minerals have an electric charge – which helps your body balance both pH (the acidity of your body) and balances the amount of water available to your body to do the stuff necessary to keep you functioning at your peak – even if your peaks are more like shallow valleys today.

These minerals (receive our Mineral Benefit Chart when you visit the link below) do all sorts of wonderful things for your body and your ability to perform. This performance can be both physical (working out, running, biking, golfing, etc.) or mental – work, speaking, golfing (yep – golf is a very mental sport) as these minerals and their charges (sort of makes them sound like Dick Grayson or Spiderman if you are more of a fan of Avengers: Infinity War) help maintain your ability to make good (and quick) decisions.

The really interesting part about Electrolytes (or minerals for those of us that do not lift a pinky finger when drinking out of a cup) is that they really only provide their best benefits when they are naturally occurring. You can drink all of the beverages you want – many of which might contain added electrolytes – but the best way to recharge your body is to drink a beverage where these bad boys are naturally contained from the source.

The reason for this is that it turns out your body is all natural (except for the metal hip you had replaced last year) and is able to recognize and utilize things that are also natural (or naturally occurring). The added ones can be good – but natural minerals are better. Sometimes, added electrolytes only add flavor – and not benefits. Check out the fine print on your beverage – you may be surprised which ones have added electrolytes only for flavor.

So, how can you stay natural? Wear only cotton or wool fibers – that is a great start. If you want to make sure you drink something that has nothing added – but contains all the minerals (we like that word better than electrolytes – seems simpler) your body needs to perform and recover properly. Think of things that can happen through getting a proper drink with proper pH (SNMW comes in at a pH of 7.9 – good job!!!) and proper minerals:

  • Faster recovery – either for properly using your muscles or perhaps overusing your liver
  • Fewer cramps – when people say to drink more water to eliminate leg cramps, they are partially correct. Drink more water with naturally occurring minerals!
  • Better thinking – proper hydration can improve your thought processes by over 10%. If you use more than 10% of your brain, then you can really hit the jackpot!
  • Better nerves – proper hydration (remember – this is about water with minerals) can help your fast-twitch muscles (back to golf again – perhaps a solution for the yips???) and help keep you more calm
  • Digestion – the minerals in SNMW are beneficial for gut work (you still have to do crunches or sit-ups – our water does its best work inside the body) to help get the most out of everything you eat.
    • Also, the way our water tastes and interacts with food makes it a perfect pairing for most meals. Unless you have good wine – then call me and we can explore together!
    • Check out our Pairing Guide
  • Overall better health – since our bodies are comprised of so much water, it only makes sense to drink one that helps the machine run at optimal performance. Three 20 oz. bottles a day are sufficient – adding more of these minerals after this will just make you do things to get rid of the excess (this is a family blog – we will not explore further)

So, the most important thing to do is to get over yourself. If you want electrolytes, stop calling them that and embrace the minerals contained in Superior Natural Mineral Water. The only natural mineral water bottled at a source inside the United States. All the cool kids are doing it – why not you?