Something to think about…

If you let a cup of coffee sit out too long it gets “cold”.

If you leave a glass of water sitting out it gets “warm”.

Both are at room temperature – yet the experience is very different based on expectations.

Room temperature is the same temperature all the time – but should you be drinking your water at “room temperature” or at some other temperature? In some parts of the world, water is heated in a teapot and enjoyed “hot” (some countries to get out the impurities, some just because that is the preference). Flavor of many beverages changes as the temperature of the beverage changes.

So, this begs the question…at what temperature should you drink Superior Natural Mineral Water? The answer…

It depends…

Like wine, the temperature you drink our water at will provide you with a different experience. As with white wine, drinking SNMW cold will provide a crisp, clean well-rounded experience. Many consumers find this the most refreshing. If, however, you prefer red wine, perhaps you should try SNMW at room temperature.

Why? At room temperature is where the complexity of many beverages come out. As an example, we were asking our contacts about the water at a certain location in Minneapolis. We were told to get it from the refrigerator as the water coming from the tap came out “warm” and tasted funny. When we tried the tap water (from the tap) we found the water had a taste – it did not taste funny just richer than regular bottled water or very cold tap water. At warmer temps for water you begin to taste the minerals. For SNMW, our minerals – which are infused naturally as the water makes its way through our aquifer – add flavor and “texture” to the water. This is why you might experience a more well-rounded mouth feel with our water (a bit like an oaky, buttery chardonnay) – you are getting the full experience of what makes our water unique.

There is actually a fair amount of science that shows drinking water at warmer temps (room temperature and above) is beneficial for digestion, body temp control and overall well being. Check out the link below:

Image of 20 oz bottle of Superior Natural Mineral Water in splash of water.The funny thing is that if we told you what you would taste when you enjoy our water we would be wrong. Taste buds are different for all people – so how they “taste” almost anything can be different from everyone around them. You may prefer more spice than your friends, you may prefer white wine over red wine and you may prefer salmon over steak. That is one of the things that makes us unique as individuals – we enjoy things differently. Including our wine temperature.  All we can tell you is that if you enjoy drinking water and if you find water complexity intriguing then you may enjoy tasting SNMW with different types of food or just by itself (either cold, cool, warm or somewhere in that range).

Superior Eating – available to you whenever you drink Superior Natural Mineral Water.

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