With a brand name like Superior, we sometimes wonder – do people really find us to be Superior? We also ask ourselves a question every day – are we helping to tell the story of what can make You Superior?

I learned a long time ago that your brand has to connect to your story. I have learned so much about story telling in the past ten years and continue to work on how an individual user’s journey can be impacted by whether our story actually lives up to our story telling.

This leads to the question – What Makes Superior Natural Mineral Water, well, Superior?

#1 – A Superior “Place”

If you have never been to Northern Wisconsin, Northern Minnesota or the Upper Peninsula of Michigan then you have not truly lived. Lake Superior is an amazing body of water (did you know that Lake Superior is the largest freshwater lake in the world by surface area???) and is an entire book of storytelling (check out the story of the Edmund Fitzgerald here) all on its own. SNMW is extracted from a Lake Superior aquifer located in the Ottawa National Forest. This makes our “place” absolutely Superior.

#2 – Superior People

If you have never worked in a startup then it may come as a surprise that not every day is all duckies and bunnies. Many people work behind the scenes to make bringing a product to market possible and at SNMW things are no different. There are countless folks working tirelessly every day to figure out how to be the most Superior Company we can be. We also work with amazing partners who are all striving to help us become Superior.

#3 – A Superior “Product”

Now we are at the crux of it – water is just water isn’t it? Nope – it is not. There is water that is just water and you can buy that for roughly $3.00 for a 24-pack almost anywhere. But to have a product that can make your life better, well, that might actually be Superior. Our water is a natural mineral water – and that means that we have at least 500ppm of total dissolved solids – TDS – (read that as minerals – and we actually have ~740ppm TDS) to be classified as a natural mineral water. Waters with less than this can be good – they just can never be Superior.

#4 – Superior “Aspects”

As with any good story, there is a cast of characters. At Superior Natural Mineral Water, our players are all striving to become Superior. How, well, let’s explore.

Superior Performance: We believe that every person seeking to achieve next level performance can benefit from our natural mineral water and the tools we have created to guide you to the next level. The quality and the minerals can help with physical as well as mental performance. Whether you are an aspiring athlete (check out our partners at The Metro Baseball League here), a business professional who needs to always be mentally sharp or a committed athlete seeking another level of recovery and excellence, then perhaps we can help you achieve Superior Performance.

Superior Living: There is an ancient curse: May you live in interesting times (sometimes attributed to Confucius but this appears to be inaccurate) – well, we certainly have seen that over the past 18-months. This has led many people to feel an ongoing sense of unease and to being out of balance. With the minerals in our water and all the good they can do for mind and body combined with our tools on achieving lasting balance, you too can be on your way to achieving a Superior Lifestyle.

Superior Eating: At SNMW, we have been blessed to be recognized by the Water Sommelier Union for the appearance, aroma and flavor or our natural mineral water (check out our website info on this . We have also found that our richer overall flavor combined with our pH (7.9 based on weekly testing) creates an interesting food pairing opportunity for those who seek the purest form of eating and drinking. Plus, with a higher focus on clean living, you can now enhance your overall eating experience while still taking magnificent care of your total body. Superior Eating – we say Yes!!

Superior Sustainability: It is easy to cut corners when it comes to making “green” or “sustainable” decisions. Most of us have this unique ability to rationalize poor sustainable decisions based on cost, convenience or other factors. At Superior Natural Mineral Water, we are forced to reckon with this every day. Our stewardship of our aquifer and how we get the water into packaging has made us uniquely cognizant of what it means to be sustainable. We adhere to multiple rigorous standards to make sure you can enjoy our amazing water. Superior Sustainability – an ongoing commitment to leaving our little piece of the planet better than we found it.

#5 – Superior Support

We are moving quickly into the marketplace – focusing on the Twin Cities and surrounding area, Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois and many other Midwestern states. We are building out our distribution network to make our natural mineral water available to more and more people every day. If you do not yet see in your retail store, ask if they carry it. If you want to know if there is a store near you, check out our web site here and look for our Store Locator. We are working on developing our 3X Challenge – to challenge our customers to share how much drinking three bottles of Superior Natural Mineral Water each helps with the following:

  • Leg cramps
  • Muscle recovery
  • Digestion
  • Mental sharpness
  • Fast-twitch muscle performance
  • Stress management
  • Overall health and well-being

Are you ready? Because we are all in – that is what makes us Superior…

You only get one life…make it Superior!